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Crystal Bowls

Crystal Bowl Sound Baths

I will be offering Crystal Bowl Sound baths in the community as soon as it is safe for everyone. Sound baths promote deep relaxation and a wide range of healing and inner peace. The powerful and beautiful songs of the quartz crystal bowls are joined by a Native American drum and rattles, bells, and chimes. The experience is a journey that can produce profound visions, cellular healing, dramatic stress reduction and realignment. The group or individual rests comfortably on their back while the vibrations of the sounds flow through the room, soothing the mind, body and spirit.


What to bring: For maximum comfort, wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers for your optimal comfort level. A yoga mat or camp pad, pillow, and a personal blanket or two are great things to bring from home. The more comfortable you are the deeper your experience will be. For individual and small groups of no more than 4 I have 2 inch mats and lightweight blankets. Feel free to bring any extras that will make you cozy and comfortable.


Individual and small group sound healing sessions can be arranged and personalized by contacting me at 

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